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Meet the Team - Donna


Completely obsessed with

the magical world of branding and strategy. Truly enjoy the energy behind creating a compelling design that exceeds a client’s vision, from corporate or non-profit identity to a theme for a program or event. When it comes to design challenges or high energy funk – bring it on!

There’s no “I in


Meet the Team - Ali


Thrives on charts, InDesign and Starbucks iced tea. Particularly passionate about publications and preparing client projects for final production. When it comes to stellar design and production, you can’t say “finale” without Ali.

Meet the Team - Charley


I must confess I sometimes need a quick nap, but then I’m refreshed and ready to please and perform. And I’m as loyal as they come. Remember, you say jump I say HOW HIGH!

Meet the Team - Anna


Thrives on coffee and has a strong passion for visual merchandising. Originally from the fashion industry, she developed her desire to create a brand story through digital design. She’s been told once or twice she has great taste, which has landed her the role as go to for all things advice when it comes to design and aesthetic. 

Meet the Team - Val


A real word nerd. Never met a word she didn’t like. Seldom at a loss for words. A picture is not worth 1000 words to Val. Her 7th grade teacher told her she used “vivid verbs” – from then on she was hooked! Hasn’t stopped writing (or devising strategies or marketing plans or brand positions) since. . . 

Meet the Team - April


Surfing social media, April loves seeing the latest trends in fashion and design. Whether it is a textural pattern or a flat graphic, creating stunning visuals is truly her passion. She loves figuring out how to bring a client’s vision to life. When it comes to new projects or concepts, April is always up for a challenge!

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