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Fundamentally sound, creative and intelligent graphic design solutions. . .

Not every agency can concept and execute designs for multiple mediums, materials and environments. Or create logos and branding campaigns that work. We can.  

We’ve been doing it successfully for over 20 years now, when an industrious graphic designer followed a dream, chucked her “real” job and started her own agency. She envisioned a spirited, clever, detail-oriented, boundary-pushing creative haven where clients would get what they needed (and more), while feeling overwhelmingly excited about the amazing creative breakthroughs that SC achieved for them! That vision was made real – and here we are. . .


What we bring

Stephens Creative provides fundamentally sound, creative and intelligent graphic design solutions to solve your business and marketing challenges. Our design experience and abilities are balanced with compassionate interpersonal skills, common sense, and ethical business practices. Investing ourselves deeply in the continued success of our clients, we come to each project with solutions that hit the mark and stay on budget.


Our areas of expertise include: Brand Identity, Collateral, Campaigns/Events, Web site design, Direct Mail, Electronic Media, Print and Display design.

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